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This silt fence was installed just minutes before the picture was taken..... how does your fence look?
Is there a big pile of loose dirt at the bottom it or is it tucked in securely with minimal disturbance ready to pass the scrutiny of environmentalists with their cameras walking along the Boise River?
Does the bottom come untucked  in the breeze or is it undermined by a puddle of water?
Was it installed in accordance with ASTM 2003 Does your installer know what ASTM requirements are for silt fence? If not, the EPA will be happy to inform you by sending you a citation.
Scroll down to see how the the fence has stood up to things the site has thrown at it. 


Preconstruction Planning

We specialize in determining which Best Management Practices (BMPs) are need for your site and can tailor any plan to suit your needs and keep you in compliance.


We can implement any plan by installing BMPs on any site utilizing methods proven superior by the EPA when compared to our competitors. 

Management and Removal

We're certified to conduct inspections anywhere in Idaho. When the project's complete, we're there to remove the BMPs, no extra charge.



The idea for this company started with a conversation over lunch back in 2006. Stormwater was just starting to be taken seriously at the state level and not too many people were familiar with the requirements. I developed plans for the contractor's side and attempted to work with different organizations on getting a standardized template created. Few years later, working for a stormwater company, ideas were tossed around between employees about how to make the company better. In 2015, I opened J.E.C. LLC in order to provide a more user friendly and responsive stormwater management company. We take a sensible and responsive approach to stormwater management design and implementation. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation. 


Silt Fence Trials


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Projects Contracted


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Site with EPA Fines




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